About Us


Privacy For All Students is an organization that advocates for the rights of students to have privacy in using all common areas in schools such as the public toilets, restrooms, shower rooms, and locker rooms inside their schools and even outside the school premises.

We organized this team just recently to pay close attention to this alarming issue of privacy for boys, girls, and transgenders.We especially feel that discrimination against the LGBTQ community is strng. Because we feel and we know that they are humans too and need protection, we will stand behind them.

Our team consists of lawyers, professors, student councils and parents who are willing to protect our students’ privacy in using the schools’ amenities.
So why are we doing this? Our research has shown that there are serious risks to every student accessing these supposedly safe spaces in schools.

Studies show that students could experience harassment, sexual assault or other physical violence when they got other bathroom, restroom or locker rooms, most especially the transgenders. But of course, whether you are a transgender or a regular boy or girl, all these things can still happen.

Discrimination, bullying, harassment, give rise to health problems and mental health issues. In recent studies, we discovered that almost 50 percent of individuals experienced these problems and that using bathrooms can cause harm to our students.

For this reason, Privacy For All Students is just here and willing to support the students all the way. We are now in the midst of collecting the signatures of every individual to appeal to our government and be heard by many officials so they can take action. You can look forward that we, in this organization will promote this advocacy to the best of our ability. Thank you for hearing our short story on why we are pushing for Privacy For All Students.