This is the Frequently Asked Questions page of our site. Browse through it, and you’ll find most of the answers to your questions. If you are still baffled after reading this, you are free to send us an email, you can find our information in the Contact Us section of this website.

Q. What is the advocacy of Privacy For All Students website?

Thank you for the nice question, this is the most asked question in our file. Anyway, Privacy For All Students is seeking the help and support of all individuals, students, and parents to support our cause by collecting their signatures. This way, we can appeal to the government to require immediately a specific restroom for both men and women and also for transgenders, or at the very least, require unisex comfort rooms.

Q. Why do we need separate restrooms for the all genders?

Using appropriate restrooms is essential for all genders as it can affect the health of all parties. Also, it will prevent discrimination and bullying as our research indicate.

Q. How does Privacy Of All Students encourage individuals, students, and parents to sign your petition?

First, we are partnering with the schools all over the country and states to meet the parents and students in their schools. They provide us time to let these people understand the importance of having a separate or unisex restroom for both genders to prevent many things that are not appropriate. Second, we initiate an online signature campaign to reach more individuals.

Q. How can we be a part of your online signature campaign?

A. We are using an online tool to make it happen. Thanks to technology, everything can happen in just a few steps. We have a special tool for you to use so you can sign up on our online petition.