Welcome people! You are in the Forum section of the Privacy For All Students website. Here, you can post, message, or ask anything about our advocacy for the privacy of all students, no matter the gender, in accessing the public comfort rooms, shower rooms and locker rooms in and outside the school premises. Please be informed that we do not tolerate the use of malicious posts and messages in this forum or in any other thread of Privacy For All Students website. Please cooperate and have fun!

Moderator: Many people are using the availability of the public restrooms for granted. However, some are hesitating to access these facilities, because using the restroom for example can be a major safety concern. This serious problem may affect the health of both genders, ability to study, etc. How do we push for the privacy of all the students How do we eliminate discrimination and bullying?

Jessie: As a student like me, I am aware of this problem not only for us women but most specially for transgenders. I agree with your advocacy to promote separate restrooms for transgenders as for safety purposes. However, as long as the people have no respect with each other I feel like nothing will change.

Moderator: @JESSIE you are right!What ever the situation we are having right now, if we do not respect each other’s gender and privacy, I think we can never do what we need to do in the country or in the future to make it peaceful and friendly. One of the best things to do is to reduce the anti transgender prejudice so that these people can access every restroom inside school premises and outside too. Thank you for cooperating for today’s thread and we hope you’ll share more suggestions. If you want to make our advocacy happen.